20 – 21 May 2017 Asian Civilisations Museum

Celebrating Kristang

Eurasian Stories: Conversations about being Eurasian

Eurasian Stories: Conversations about being Eurasian seeks to provide a safe space for conversations about what it means to be Kristang and/or Eurasian in Singapore. It will play home to human ‘Books’ — actual Eurasians from a wide variety of backgrounds — whom participants will be able to loan out for up to half an hour of small-group conversation facilitated by a Librarian, who is there to ensure the safety and well-being of the Books. We will be featuring the following identities: Thai Eurasian, Eurasian National Serviceman, Eurasian Daughter, Eurasian Telephonist, Eurasian Musician in the Public Spotlight, Eurasian Muslim, Eurasian Environmentalist, Eurasian Actress, Eurasian Artist with a Medical Condition, Eurasian Athlete, Eurasian Teacher, Glocal Eurasian, and East Coast Eurasian. Registration required.

This event was inspired by the Human Library movement, which began in Copenhagen in 2000 and seeks to facilitate sharing and conversation between people from all walks of life, and work toward countering negative stereotypes and prejudices about minority communities that abound in society today.